BPD Resources

General Resources

For assistance in locating resources for treatment in all levels of care of BPD, contact NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s BPD Resource Center at 888-694-2273.

The informational website address is http://bpdresourcecenter.org/

YouTube video: “Back From the Edge” Learn about treatment for BPD at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

For Individuals and Families

Family Connections 12-week manualized family programs are offered around the country.
For information, e-mail neabpd@aol.com

Family Tele-Connections – a weekly teleconference group of Family Connections.
To participate, e-mail neabpd@aol.com

TARA – Treatment and Research Advancements, National Association for Personality Disorder – provides workshops, referrals, information.
Call 1-888-4-TARA APD or go to www.tara4bpd.org

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness –
offers resources, information, local support groups for families of persons with mental disorders including BPD.
The website is located at http://www.nami.org/

hosted by Dr. Robert Friedel

run by the International Society for Transference Focused Therapy

overseen by the Personality Disorders Institute at NY Weill Medical College of Cornell University.